+++Press release+++

A historical walk with fugitives, prisoners and wounded did remind of the ambivalence of the date  on 8th may.

8th may: Street performers walked as displaced persons through Berlin/ Photos and videos are avialable.

"The dead admonish for peace" was the theme of an uncommon and silent commemoration ceremony for the 60. anniversary of the end of World War II. About a hundred historically dressed-up persons again passed through the hour of final defeat. On crutches, with hay carts, baby carriages, old suitcases and an original horse carriage, the fugitive trek trailed silently through the city of Berlin.

One saw grandmothers with scarfs, little girls with plaited hair or men with bonded wounds-like gosts from another time. The passers-by were mostly fascinated: "The best I've seen today", a truly displaced
woman said with tears in her eyes.

With lively interest of the media the white-painted performers walked from Checkpoint Charlie to the Siegessäule, to be part of the official celebration, "Day for Democracy", at the Brandenbourg Gate. They were interviewed by many national and international correspondents of the press and the television.

Organiser was the "AktionGedenkzug", an independent initiative of students and drama students. The other participants were friends and family.
With their honorary work, the initiators wanted to make a contribution to a widespread and healing commemoration. A remembrance of the german sorrow after the end of the
war is part of this commemoration: Due to displacement and war captivity more than 5 million men, woman and children died.
This can easiliy be forgotten in the turbulence of the many other commemoration ceremonies.

Photos, videos and further informations are available at 0173-7958099 or